Ariana - aka @indicawife - lives in Baltimore and is an advocate for medical cannabis, with a growing following of more than 1500 people on Instagram. She started as a recreational user, but her curiosity led her to research medical programs from other states and to apply for her medical card here in Maryland. Ariana has seen many people helped by cannabis and personally uses it to help with depression and anxiety. She is a firm believer in the healing power of cannabis, and her dual passions for helping others and the cannabis industry ultimately led her to become a medical cannabis advocate.

Ariana didn't start out wanting to be an influencer per se; until six months ago she just had a personal Instagram account. But, as the medical program in Maryland started up, she realized that she wanted to become an advocate. She is a fun and charismatic young woman and quickly received a positive reception from local dispensaries.

Her Instagram, @indicawife, gives a casual look at the medical cannabis scene here in Maryland and reflects her unique personality and viewpoint. Her first legal purchase was at the Rise grand opening, which she documented on her personal Instagram. After this first post, her account grew dramatically. She is an entrepreneur at heart and is always looking for new opportunities; her ambition is to start her own marketing business.

Ariana says that building a following on IG is "fun and cool," and that she enjoys photographing what she's smoking because "weed is pretty." She also enjoys posting reviews to help people learn about new strains and products and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping patients make the right choices about their medicine. Her favorite post, which shows Ariana with her favorite strain, is from the Maryjane of Maryland event on June 14th, 2018.

We asked @indicawife why so many people started following her? She  thinks it's the content of her posts, which reflect her bubbly, fun personality. She isn't very active on other social media accounts and focuses on her IG. Ariana has previous experience doing various shoots and isn't bashful around the camera. She says, "It's just you and the camera; just make sure there is no food in your teeth!" Thanks, Ariana, that’s great advice.

According to Ariana, she will follow other accounts if they have high-quality pictures and are not over-edited. She's very visual, so it must be full of good photos. She likes flower and close-up bud pics, as well as concentrates and slime pictures. Let’s be honest, who doesn't love a good slime pic?

Ariana's favorite canna-brand is Verano for its consistency, but she's also a fan of HMS and gLeaf. She prefers to smoke indicas, and her favorite strains are Bubba Kush and Blue Cheese. Dispensary-wise, she's worked with Green Health Docs and says they made the process painless and easy. Her advice to future medical patients is not to be nervous. "Everyone is here to help you, and nobody is going to make you feel weird." She adds, "Deep breath, relax." Oh, and of course, "Just be nice."

Ariana is very active in the cannabis community here in Baltimore, Maryland and elsewhere around the State. You can find her at networking events, local dispensaries and, of course, you can follow her on her Instagram, @indicawife.