Gabrielle is a young and vibrant Instagram user who was born in Baltimore. She currently is enrolled at Towson University and is expected to graduate in 2020. To save you the math, she’s a sophomore. She loves her school and quickly made friends, with whom she likes to visit her favorite places like New York and Miami. Her father is Greek, and her mother is from Atlanta. Soon after she was born, she moved to Mikanos, Greece and lived there until the age of 6.

Gabrielle has over 5,000 followers on her Instagram, @gpressy. Sometimes her friends call her “G,” but don’t call her Gab or Gabby! She hates it! Gabrielle is a daily smoker, and definitely likes to think of herself as an advocate. “I think medical cannabis is amazing,” she says, “it helps a lot of people.” G wants to spread awareness of the benefits of MMJ and help to give it a better reputation among her parents' generation, so they stop seeing it as a scary gateway drug.

Gabrielle's brother got sick when he was 12 with ulcerative colitis and used cannabis to treat his symptoms. Things were tough, but she says that weed helped a lot. It made her mother a lot more open to the many uses of marijuana. Her mom is “cool with it as long as we are being safe.” Gabrielle also wants to help educate women about the benefits of cannabis for, e.g., anxiety, headaches, and cramps. 

As well as attending school, Gabrielle works with a DC cannabis company where she says she has "met so many nice people." She says that the customers are "really cool" and that “if you’re smoking weed it can be very social.” G also notes that a lot of people and patients she meets at pop-up events for work are from Maryland.

If you look at Gabrielle’s Instagram account, you won’t see standard weed-smoking pics. For her work, she works cannabis events in DC and a lot of people reach her via direct message on Instagram. She says she enjoys using Instagram to spread the word about medical marijuana and to network but doesn't like to post racy pics because her followers include her little sister!

@gpressy started off as a private account, but since she went public, she has gained a lot of followers and found some cool opportunities; she found her current cannabis job in DC though Instagram by DMing cannabis companies. She thinks 5000 is a good number of followers, but she would like to catch up with her friend who has 38,000! She attributes her growth to the images she took while traveling the world and meeting people.

Gabrielle wants people to be inspired to post about their passions; if Gabrielle likes a picture and it makes her happy, she will probably post it on her Instagram. Her inspirations include beautiful colors and places, and how she feels in the moment, and all the better if she can come up with a funny caption.

Her favorite post right now is from June 29th of last summer: she met a Jamaican guy holding a J. He didn’t know her at all but started telling her his life story; “he was a very interesting person,” she says.

Gabrielle will follow pages that look unique or if she likes something about the art. She loves to support other models, clothing designers, and people who are passionate about what they do. Gabrielle says that she feels very comfortable and natural in front of the camera and that it is her way to see herself from different perspectives instead of just looking in the mirror.

Gabrielle says that all the patients she has talked to have been happy with the products and services available in the Maryland cannabis scene. She’s a big fan of Your Farmacy in Timonium, where she likes the Pink Unicorn strain and says they have good deals.

Keep an eye out on @gpressy’s Instagram this summer; she is going to Greece in July, and she’ll be documenting the things she sees. We hope to see her back in Maryland soon, but it might be a while because she only bought a one-way ticket! Good luck Gabrielle.